Packaging optimization is the objective. Ecodesign provides the means to achieve it.

Ecodesign: a lever for savings and differentiation

Companies spend significant amounts of money on packaging, both to procure it and for logistics. Eco efficiency is a sustainable development indicator that allows for assessing the economic and environmental performance of a packaged product’s optimization initiative.

Reduce your environmental footprint

Create value

  • Improve procurement and logistics performance by cooperating with stakeholders to implement more efficient solutions.
  • Reduce the cost of materials purchases, residue and waste disposal, product loss and breakage.
  • Stimulate innovation and creativity by putting in place a continuous improvement process based on the life cycle of packaged products.
  • Better meet customer and consumer expectations.
  • Differentiate products by positioning them to better meet market requirements.
  • Strengthen the company's reputation and visibility by promoting social and environmental responsibility to employees, business partners, consumers and the general public.
  • Support corporate objectives and apply sustainable development principles.

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