Rethink your packaging and printed matter choices

Because best practices in packaging design are increasingly accessible and can generate many benefits.

Éco Entreprises Québec wants to encourage companies to take into account the environmental impact of their packaging by focusing on the potential economic and reputational value added of integrating such considerations.

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OptimEco’s kit is intended for managers and decision-makers interested in applying an ecodesign approach to their containers and printed matter and in reaping its significant benefits. The kit complements the portal on packaging and printed matter ecodesign.

OptimEco’s kit contains essential tools:

Solid arguments to mobilize your teams and partners as well as practical tips for getting everyone on board, right from the start.

A simple and complete process, tools for decision-making and complementary content to help you better understand potential avenues for improvement.

In short, everything you need to integrate ecodesign in your business strategy!

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The OptimEco kit is more than an online tool!
You can download its content here.

Executive summary PDF OptimEco Kit PDF